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At Kiwi Digital Agency we get small businesses
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We have been there, we have done that.

We have created business from scratch, bootstrapping operations, marketing, advertisement, customer service, and more. They are successful business, but the journey was hard and most of the times overwhelming. That's why we created Kiwi Marketing Consulting. We put together some tools and methodology that we believe can help the small businesses out there to succeed, and not break the bank. Most of the tools offered to small business is not on the price point of small business, not at Kiwi marketing Consulting.    

What We Do

We will setup the tools so that you don't need to. 

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Website Design

You need a website, you don't need to become a website designer. 

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Email Automation

It's time to leads to become customers.

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Corporate Email

Dress for work with a branded email. No more

A gift for you

An e-book with quick tips for improving the customer service at your small business.



Most entrepreneurs choose either to do the website on their own, or hire a very cheap solution just to have a website.

The problem is that it will be time consuming to keep it updated with plugins, backups, databases, and etc. Or, even worst, you will have a very basic website that doesn't really help you sell your brand.

At Kiwi, we will take care of the hosting, technical support, and we will create a very professional and updated website. And it comes with a all-inclusive price.

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Keeping your customers on the loop, and moving prospective customers to pay customers gets easier with automation.


It can be simple automation or a more complex one, the results are always positive. Nowadays, we are moving from social media to "inner-media". So, the email has become a powerful channel to increase sales. 

With many tools and strategies out there, business owners might get lost when trying to do their email marketing. Most of them just send a generic email once a month with promotion.

We will set it up, and improve it as needed for you. It comes standard even on our most basic plan.



Our focus is to help small businesses out there. Many of them still use the "", "".


The reason for that is that sometimes, it's overwhelming to set it up. But also because of the cost of it, put together with all the other needed tools for your business. ​


At Kiwi, we believe in the power of branding. So, you cannot afford to lose a customer because your "" gets flagged as spam or just as another promotional email.


When you use your "" you not only look more professional but you also decrease the chance of someone using your company name on your behalf.

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